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The DAF Club of America works closely, is affiliated, and has good contacts with the following organizations
Club History
Club Shop The Essex DAFs
This link leads you to the Essex DAFs forum where everything but  "the secrets of the bed chamber" are open for discussion!
DAF History DAF Club Nederland
This is the primary DAF club formed in 1980. Although their website is in Dutch, there are many facts, figures, photos and historical data on the DAF cars and trucks.
DAF in Miniature DAF Club Waalre
This is our friend and super mechanic Matt Stapper’s DAF website. A ton of retro information, historical data and photos are available here. A super website.
DAF Stories DAF Owners Club
This club is based in England and has a very enthusiastic membership base. Their website is filled with great information, photos and activities.
DAF Club Forum
Microcar & Minicar Club
This USA based club is dedicated to the preservation of mini cars of all marques. The website is filled with interesting tidbits, meets, photos and historical information.
Interesting Places DAF Club Deutschland
The DAF Club of Germany started back in 1985.  Although their website is in German, there is still a ton of great photos. Check out their website.
Magazines DAF Club Belgium
The DAF Club of Belgium’s website is loaded with information & photos. The site is in two languages, French & Dutch.
Membership Les Dafistes
This site is dedicated to the DAF and its Francophile fans.  The site has more than 500 photos and has a translate to English option.
Newsletter Volvo 300 Club
The Dutch club dedicated to the DAF/Volvo 300 series cars. Website is in Dutch but there are a lot of great photos and information on the DAF-designed Volvo (DAF 77).
Owner's Manuals Lane Motor Museum
This link lets you get to our member Jeff Lane and his fabulous auto museum in Nashville, TN. 
Photos De DAF Redders
This is a great Dutch DAF website to follow. "De DAF Redders" literally means "DAF Savers." Lots of information, great links to other sites, a forum and photo albums.
Restoration Projects Danny Muijtjens
Danny’s website for DAF parts and accessories. He carries parts for all models, which can be paid for through PayPal. Site is in English and Dutch.
Shows & Meets    

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